Thinking Radically: How to Be More than Just a "Product" Company


Winning in SaaS Thought Leadership

How do you improve your odds of capturing this market and gain ground over your competitors? Through the strategic use of thought leadership programs, SaaS providers can succeeded in differentiating their services from competitors, driving growth, improving their brand and increasing market share in emerging technologies. Thought leadership enables enterprises to be perceived as “novel thinkers” – not just another SaaS company.

A type of content marketing that taps into a business’ talent, expertise and passion, thought leadership answers customers’ biggest questions while gaining their loyalty and trust.


For SaaS providers, thought leadership (1) supports the differentiation of your core business over competitors with similar software solutions by raising awareness, (2) increases success rate and cadence of new customer acquisition campaigns, (3) aids with upsell, and (4) reduces subscription churn when targeted to key segments.

A well-executed thought leadership program not only attracts new customers and paves the way for new partnerships, but also reinforces your brand’s key differentiators and consequently reduces costly churn.