Rebooting Your Professional Services Offering


cloud professional services is predicted to grow to $34 Billion in 2019 (cagr 27%) 

And your firm may seek to pursue this emerging opportunity. Doing so can help accelerate adoption of your SaS platform and its recurring revenue. Should you create or reboot your professional services offering? And, if so, how?

SaaS costumers seek a full, often custom-tailored solution, not just your solution platform. Achieivng full value often hinges on chaarges to the customer's way of operating (process, people, tools) and style of management. 

Executive teams often fail to give their Professional Services business the attention needed. They fail to make the best choice regarding whether to offer professional services. Or, they fail to execute successfully from a customer and enterprise perspsective. The result: failure to achieve desired customer equity, operating profit or strategic intent and whether it's succeeding.