Digital Growth

How do you achieve and sustain an above-market growth rate in today's fragmented and crowded digital market? It’s all about business model innovation. The drivers for a business model change are varied – and the one constant is massive change and disruption to a company’s operating model. Driving sustained profitability requires major structural changes around a new set of operational capabilities: personalized sales, analytics, new support models, real time enterprise, consumption economics.



Why is your company’s growth not outpacing the market? Digital businesses’s challenge in evolving from a sales-lead organization to market-responsive, consumer-driven.


rebooting your professional services offering

Cloud professional services is predicted to growth to $34 Billion in 2019 (CAGR 27%), and your company may seek to pursue this emerging opportunity. Doing so can help accelerate adoption of your SaaS platform and its recurring revenue. Should you create or reboot your professional services offering?

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winning in saas: how to keep yourself honest about sales effectiveness

SaaS can be incredibly lucrative due to its inherent scalability and high margins. However, there is a specific threshold that SaaS businesses need to achieve to start making profits. SaaS sales teams have to be involved in acquiring new customers, as well as persuading existing customers to scale up. Is your company in need of a Sales Health Check?


Thinking radically: how to be more than just a "Product" company

SaaS is quickly evolving, with over a million startups further saturating the market every years. This, coupled with the market's forecasted growth from $8 billion to $55 billion in 2016, has resulted in a market flooded with brands who struggle to differentiate themselves. We suggest thinking radically.