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Jennifer Tintoc

senior ANALYST

Jennifer Tintoc is an Analyst at Market Strategy Group and provides support to the wider team in service of clients from a spectrum of verticals: financial and business services, industrial and energy, and communication and technology.

Jennifer has supported a number of projects at Market Strategy Group during her tenure as an Analyst. For a global professional services firm, she has analyzed key challenges and issues facing enterprise CIOs and CISOs, researched topics for discussion and analysis, and prepared communications that help senior account executives strengthen client relationships. She has also assisted in mitigating churn rate for an emerging technology company by pinpointing variables most highly correlated with churn and devising and implementing a new marketing and retention strategy. Lastly, Jennifer has organized quarterly networking and business development events for the MSG team.

Prior to joining MSG, Jennifer earned a Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Chicago with a major in Economics. In her course of study, she became particularly interested in the psychology of decision-making and negotiation, ultimately developing a passion for the intersection of storytelling and economics. She looks forward to exercising and developing this passion.