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GROWTH in Saas

We explore levers for SaaS companies to unlock growth opportunities - whether by rebooting their professional services offerings, instituting an internal sales health check or considering a thought leadership platform to achieve differentiation in a noisy space. 

getting global expansion right

Most executives realize that to hit aggressive growth targets they must consider a broader portfolio then their home country. Also, with the extent of foreign investment transcending borders, companies should be thinking globally now more than ever. 


FRom Our President - American marketing association

Market Strategy Group's founder and CEO, Michael Krauss, has been writing articles for the American Marketing Association for over 7 years, with a focus on executive insights. Explore his collection of columns here.


put your money where your strategy is

How do organizations overcome the common disconnect between strategic planning and budgeting decisions? Market Strategy Group wanted to learn from those who live it. We spoke with Executives from Strategy and Finance Functions to get real, best-in-class answers to this thorny question.


How to Defeat Disruptive innovators I

The threat of disruption from new competitors and new technologies looms over every company. This white paper, the first in a series, provides a comprehensive description of how companies find themselves failing to identify emerging threats and offers tips we have gleaned from years of working with companies who have been repeatedly successful co-opting new innovations.


Improving your customer experience to drive smart growth

Customer experience can be defined as the collective set of touchpoints and interactions across all channels over the entire lifecycle of a customer relationship (from awareness through usage to the decision whether to re-purchase). These cumulative impressions create an emotional bond between a brand and its customers, in a deeply contextual way. When companies learn to deliver and remain engaged with customers through effectively crafted experiences, they build enduring relationships, differentiate themselves from competitors, and grow more profitable businesses.

How to Defeat Disruptive innovators II

The threat of disruption from new competitors and new technologies looms over every company. It doesn't matter what your sector, what your product, what your service. This white paper, the second our series, delineates the process that established companies can use to identify and respond to potential threats in a disciplined manner.



Creating foundational capability: A Credible path to ai

Breaking down the journey to harnessing AI in digitally transforming your organization.