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Cuyler Lam


Cuyler Lam is an Analyst at Market Strategy Group who provides strategic support for clients across a number of industries including financial services, manufacturing, technology, communication, and energy.

With experience in analyzing growth trends and business valuations from his previous work in private equity, Cuyler has been collaborating with a global technology solutions provider in the development their business strategies, primarily in the process of synthesizing goals with the help of data driven decision making. With a focus on consumer input to understand the client’s landscape, he conducted extensive industry research and analysis in order to support an insightful value proposition and competitive landscape map.

Cuyler earned Bachelor’s Degrees from the University of Chicago in Public Policy Studies and History. At Chicago, Cuyler studied the role of behavioral economics in the development of organizations, particularly focusing on historical business decisions aimed at motivating employees. He looks forward to developing his interests further at MSG.

Outside of work, Cuyler is an avid outdoorsman, enjoying backpacking and whitewater kayaking.