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Andrew Song


Andrew Song is an Analyst at Market Strategy Group who provides strategic, analytic and research support for clients across various industries including financial services, manufacturing, technology, communication, and energy.

Most recently, Andrew supported a leading global safety science organization and provided vital research findings to foster thought leadership and strengthened the company’s project direction and strategy.

Prior to joining MSG, Andrew served in the United States Army working in logistics, intelligence, and public affairs, where he earned the Army Commendation Medal.

Andrew earned his B.A. from the University of Chicago in English Language and Literature. At UChicago, he studied the importance of narrative and storytelling as an influence on society, from the Industrial Revolution in Victorian England to the African-American diaspora in South Side, Chicago. He looks forward to developing his interests further at MSG.

Outside of his work, Andrew enjoys reading about international politics, playing video games and writing about food and drinks.